Getting Started

The Battle for Guiniloupay started back in 2004 when I was in the sixth grade. My friend and I had been drawing many different war pictures between the penguins and guinea pigs and the mice and rats since fifth grade. Now in sixth grade, and the school art show coming up, we wanted to draw one of our pictures for the show. The picture is a six by two page poster called “The Battle for Guiniloupay”. After finishing the drawing, we wrote a short, three page story describing the before, during, and after of the picture. This story became the first draft of, what is today, “The Battle for Guiniloupay”. The picture and story remained like this for two years.

During my eighth grade year, I took a creative writing class and was assigned to write a narrative essay or short story. I decided to write the second part of Guiniloupay’s story, “The Attack on the Mouse Empire”. This short, three page story did well in the class and eventually became the last chapter of “The Battle for Guiniloupay”. After enjoying writing “The Attack on the Mouse Empire”, I decided to rewrite the first “Battle for Guiniloupay” and make it completely my own. After finishing these two parts I continued writing about the adventures of “The Guiniloupay Crew” and turned my original sixth and eighth grade projects into a five to six book series that I hope will be a big hit. During Guiniloupay’s adventures you will meet many different cultures of a variety of different animals and wage many wars on completely different terms.

Discover the world of penguins, guinea pigs, mice, and many other species in the world of Guiniloupay. Get your copy of “The Battle for Guiniloupay” today at:,, and


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