“Being on the edge is always worse than going through.”

Journey to the realm of Guiniloupay and join the guinea pig clan in their search for a home. Travel along as Buc, the clan’s leader, leading the guinea pigs across the the landscape, and bringing them through many of natures hardships and life changing obstacles they come across. Then when you notice that the clan is low on food you take the roll of Chuck and take the clans team of hunters out into the wild in search of food. But soon all of their suffering and heartbreaks will come to an end when you will finally find the perfect place to call home.

Over the years you build your small nomadic camp into a small town as other guinea pig clans journey to your land, but all does not come well when Buc is stricken by an illness that will soon take his life from him. With Buc’s death, you will take on the roll of his son, Prince, and mate, Mary, as they take care of their town and try to go on without their beloved father and mate.

As the day go on; the town is visited by a neighboring clan of penguins. Now faced with a desolate decision; Prince agrees to help the penguins and allow them to move into their town of Guiniloupay. As the penguins move in; their leader, King Penjay, is givin control and begins preparing the town for a war that he knows is inevitable. As he works on preparing the town for war, Penjay is also busy training his penguins and guinea pigs how to fight.

The day then comes when the town is attacked by the viscous mice from the western Mouse Empire. The gruesome mouse knights attack and capture the town. Enslaving the penguins and guinea pigs; the mouse emperor forces them to rebuild their home in his image.

The penguins and guinea pigs spend two years of their lives slaving for the mice, tearing down and rebuilding their home, but they are not about to be defeated yet. The day is soon coming when they will rise up and put everything on the line in order to reclaim their home and freedom!


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