Meet Buc

In The Battle for Guiniloupay you will meet many different characters of the guinea pig, penguin, and mouse races. The first character you will meet in the story is a middle aged, dark brown guinea pig, named Buc.

Buc was born into his father’s nomadic clan many years after his race had been forced into the wild. He was an only pup. He grew up carrying his families shelter and supplies across the vast landscape from place to place. Every night, he would put up their shelter with his mother while his father surveyed the area with the team of hunters.

While living in their current encampment, Buc would play with the other young’ns in the clan until he became old enough to hunt. He would then go out with the hunters on their long trips to bring food back to the clan. During his many hunting trips he gained knowledge of the rich hunting grounds, how to kill, skin, and clean his kills, and how to make his own weapons. He served his clan as a hunter until his father fell ill and later died during their days travel. He took over in his fathers place at a young age and led his clan between the rich hunting grounds. During one of his travels he wandered into an area of land that they had never been through before and suffered an attack from many unknown wild beasts. The attack killed many of his fellow guinea pigs, including his mother. After his mothers death, Buc became mentally emotional and wasn’t able to navigate across the land very well. He became distracted during his travels and would take the clan in circles or would stay in one place for too long. One of the clans females noticed how weary and distracted Buc was getting and wanted to help. Mary helped Buc with his navigations and soon was able to relieve Buc every few days so he could rest.

Buc and Mary led their clan through the wilderness for many years until they bring them to the area of rich farmland where they develop their first permanent home. Here the couple have a young’n and start their own family together. They now enjoy their calm lives together with their son, Prince, in their village. 


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