Meet Penjay

Penjay is the leader of the penguin clan in The Battle for Guiniloupay. After having an unexpected encounter with a few guinea pig hunters; he took his clan to the guinea pigs civilization and asks them for help.

He is an emperor penguin that was born in the old penguin city to the races leader, Penkay. Much of his young life was spent running around and playing with his friends. He spent his nights with his parents and would run into the market for them in the morning. He would then go out on the fields to play tag with his friends. Once he became of age; Penjay was pulled from his playful life to learn how to become a leader.

He would follow his father around from dawn to dusk throughout the city to watch everything he did.   At night; after his father released him, he would return to his home and spend the rest of the day with his mother. They would sit by a fire during the cold nights and talk, or have something small to eat together.

One morning, while running into the market for his mother, Penjay met a beautiful young female emperor penguin, named Paulina, working the stand he was at. The two began talking about life and such and made plans to meet up sometime during the night. He met up with Paulina on the outside of the front wall after his father had released him. There they talked more about their lives and interests and agreed to meet there every night.

As the days went on; Penjay and Paulina continued seeing each other after sundown. During these days an unknown disease blew into the city infecting many citizens, including Penjay’s mother. With his mother bed ridden, Penjay spent every hour of every day with her. While at her side one night, he was visited by Paulina wondering why she hasn’t seen him in a few days. He told her of his mother and brought her in to meet her. The three sat together and Penjay told his mother all about him and Paulina, and in that short time she subtly welcomed Paulina to the family. The three now sat together every night until one night Penjay’s mother stopped breathing. Devastated with his mother’s death, he became very quiet and unsociable. He spent days sitting alone next to his mother’s bed until Paulina came to see him. The sight of his friend brought a smile across his beak and she managed to get him back out into the city.

As the years passed; Penjay and Paulina had two young’ns together and were living in Penjay’s home. But as their family and responsibility grew, Penkay started suffering from old age and Penjay was given rule over the city.  He would walk the streets everyday the same way his father had, and would go out to the fields to see his two young’ns playing with their friends. He wanted his two sons, Pengy and Pingy, to have the same young life that he had. But one day Penjay’s oldest son, Pengy came running through the city shouting for him. He told him that a large group of creatures was coming toward them.

The city was attacked by an army of ravaging mice who invaded the city trying to take it over. The mice allowed the penguins to leave their home in exchange for their lives, but still killed many of them, including the old Penkay and lovely Paulina.

Now robbed of his loved ones; Penjay led his sons and remaining brethren across the land in search of a new home. He led his kind far east across the fields to a safe distance from the mice where they built themselves a new village.

The penguins lived in their village for a few years and all was looking better. But Penjay still couldn’t get over what the mice took from him. He began keeping to himself, acting very strange, and becoming very selfish. With the thoughts of his father and mate constantly flowing through his head he decided to do whatever was necessary to avenge their deaths and reclaim their home.


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