Home; A Refuge or Livelihood

In The Battle for Guiniloupay the guinea pigs have spent their entire lives searching the land for a place to call home. After losing their old home to a storm they were forced to scatter across the land. Now a nomadic culture they have become experts in finding the best places to hunt, gather, and thrive.

For the guinea pigs, the term ‘home’ means the place where they spend the night and take shelter from the weather. None of the guinea pigs know the luxeries of having a permanent home. But their long journeys soon come to an end when they come across an area of rich farmlands to enticing to ever leave. They immediatley settled the land and built themselves their first permanent home.

After a few years of a civilized life, the guinea pigs transform their small camp into a small town. Now instead of wandering through the wilderness they leave their huts to wander the marketplace. They also have formed a friendship with a penguin tribe in the east, who were going through the same troubles that they were.

Now with both races working together, the village of Guiniloupay evolved in many ways giving the penguins and guinea pigs a porsperous livelihood. But with every success comes jealosy. The penguins and guinea pigs are attacked by the Mouse Empire in the west. The viscous mice attacked, captured, and enslaved the penguins and guinea pigs forcing them to tear down their home and rebuild it in the emperor’s image.

The penguins and guinea pigs suffer through two years of brutal labor for the mice before they decide to rise up and risk everything to reclaim their home and freedom!


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