Characters and Critters

In The Battle for Guiniloupay you will meet many different characters. The first group you will meet is a guinea pig clan. The clan had lost their home to a storm many years ago and lives their lives traveling from place to place searching for a new one. My choice to use guinea pigs came from the many war pictures a friend and I used to draw back in fifth and sixth grade.

The second group that you meet in the story is the penguins. They, too, were robbed of their home and come to the guinea pigs in search of aid. The penguins came to the story because they were the guinea pigs allies in the pictures my friend and I drew.

The last group of characters that you will meet in the world of Guiniloupay is the viscous mice of the Mouse Empire. The mice serve under their emperor who is a power hungry dictator. Emperor Bandit learns of the penguins and guinea pigs prosperity and sends thousands of his most brutal mouse knights to capture and enslave the citizens of Guiniloupay. The mice were the enemies of penguins and guinea pigs in our grade school pictures.

Along with the three groups of characters in the land of Guiniloupay there are also a few unique, as well as similar, critters. The first critter that you discover in the wild is a galibra (Guh-lee-bruh). The galibra are very similar to our world’s deer. The only difference between the two is the galibra has a small horn on its snout. They forage through the forests and are a common food among the guinea pigs.

The second creature to be discovered is the chimbukoo (chim-buck-oo). These small critters have a body structure similar to a porcupine, but have orange fur instead of needles. They are small eight pound creatures; have two black stripes going down the center of their backs, a small round snout, and two pointed ears atop their heads. They are a very common critter to come across in this world and are another common food among the penguins and guinea pigs.

Along with these, somewhat unique, critters; the land of Guiniloupay also supports herds of buffalo and boar. The buffalo migrate into the far north during the warmer months and back down south during the cooler months. They are a rare delicacy to the penguins and guinea pigs because of their migration seasons.

The boars live mainly in the mountains north of Guiniloupay, but wander down onto the fields every so often. They, too, are a rare treat to the penguins and guinea pigs, but some are used to pull wagons to transport crops and building materials.

The last critter you will discover in the land of Guiniloupay is the jakabra (Jah-kah-brah). The jakabra is a massive beast that lives in the northern wilderness of the land. They have the body of a wolf, with the build of a grizzly bear, and the stealth and cunning of a cat. They are unknown to many of the penguins and are feared by the guinea pigs.


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