The Young Adult Reader

Today’s young adult readers tend to lean toward stories whose characters they can relate to, go about a fun and exciting journey, or is someone the reader enjoys being with. They also like to see the world their reading about through the characters eyes.

Easy to understand dialogue is another key YA readers look for in a story. If your characters talk in a way the reader can’t understand, the reader may lose interest in the story and put it down. Keeping the YA dialect while still staying in the time period of the story is important to keeping the reader entertained.

Keeping the story and plot moving is also essential for keeping readers entertained. Having the story “take you for a ride” makes the reading and journey more fun.

Lastly, having an overall message for the reader can have an effect on their opinion.


In The Battle for Guiniloupay, readers will discover this new world through the eyes of certain members of the guinea pig clan. The story takes the guinea pigs through the turmoil’s of a nomadic lifestyle while trying to find a permanent home. You will see the land through the eyes of the clan leader, Buc, and also through the clans head hunter, Chuck. Buc, a middle-aged guinea pig, leads his clan/family through the harsh forces of nature day after day searching for a new home. His decisions bring some good fortune, but nature usually throws bad tidings and torment down upon them. But finally after many years of a harsh lifestyle, Buc finally brings his clan to their new home and settles down. They also form an alliance with a tribe of penguins who bring enticing knowledge to their village. But their luxurious lifestyle lasts only a few years before they are attacked by the villainous Mouse Empire in the west. The mice capture and enslave the penguins and guinea pigs forcing them to tear down everything they worked so hard for and rebuild it in the mouse image. They must now decide if they can rise against this new threat and reclaim their home and freedom!

Message: Not everything in life has a happy ending


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