Cluny the Scourge and Emperor Bandit

In Brian Jacques “A Tale of Red Wall” and my “The Battle for Guiniloupay” there are two very similar characters. Jacques, Cluny the Scourge, and my, Emperor Bandit are nearly two of the same rat. Both, filled with evil, are out for one sole purpose, the capture and destruction of a peaceful civilization far greater than their own.

                In “A Tale of Red Wall” the peaceful Red Wall abbey is home of the many peaceful and civilized woodland creatures of Mossflower Wood. But all turns grim for the great abbey when the evil Cluny the Scourge and his band of rodents attack the civilization. He sacrifices many of his loyal rats, giving them no sense of gratitude, for his own greed. Laying siege to the abbey for many days his victory is very near, but unknown to the great tyrant; there’s a greater good living within the abbey.  A small young mouse named Mathias discovers his place in life and is the savior of the wonderful Red Wall abbey. The Great War Lord is defeated in battle by the young mouse and sent far from the land.

                In “The Battle for Guiniloupay” Emperor Bandit learns of a small town that has been established not far from his great empire. Sending five thousand of his most vicious mouse knights he captures the small village and enslaves the penguins and guinea pigs. Forcing them into two years of hard, painful labor he has them tear down their beautiful home and rebuild it in his image. Through the years, the powerful and feared emperor ruled over the penguins and guinea pigs giving them no notice to a revolt. In his absence from the town, the penguins and guinea pigs slowly creep their way through the village killing the mouse knights until they reclaim the town. Word then reaches the walls of the Mouse Empire and Emperor Bandit brings his entire army to the walls. After the massive battle Emperor Bandit escapes with severe injuries along with his army.

                After his defeat, Emperor Bandit finds the army of penguins and guinea pigs attacking his walls. Invading the city, Prince Pengy, the leader of the penguins and guinea pigs fights his way to the palace where he locks blades with the Great Emperor and nearly loses his life. But an unexpected turn brings the emperor to the ground and victory to the penguins and guinea pigs.

                In both worlds a powerful and feared War Lord is focused on capturing a peaceful society for their own greed. One is successful in his first attempt while the other fails at multiple. After many brutal battles they both find their demise to the wings/paws of a young warrior who is the savior of their civilizations.


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