Being on the edge is always worse than going through

Everyone at some point in their life has troubling times that life puts them through. Whether they are mental, physical, or emotional they are all triggered by something, a job change, moving to a far away place, getting into a new relationship, or, like myself, joining the military.

As I’ve traveled through life I’ve been stopped in my tracks many times by all three types of challenges. The physical and mental demands the military puts on its people are ones not everyone can handle. But as I approach each new obstacle I find it easier to overcome it just by clearing my mind and believing that everything will work out, and many times what I was worrying about never happened.

Life events like these are what inspired The Battle for Guiniloupay’s quote, “Being on the edge is always worse than going through.” I’ve found how true this is in life.

In the story, the citizens of Guiniloupay have just reclaimed their home from the evil Mouse Empire and have reinforced their walls for the next attack. The penguins and guinea pigs spend endless knights sitting on their silent walls waiting and fearing what’s to come; a fear so deep it nearly cripples some. But once they’ve become engaged in the battle that fear becomes reality and vanishes as if it were never there.

Not realizing this at the time of writing, I can see now how this quote has helped me overcome my life’s obstacles. Through experience I’ve learned that fearing something that may not happen or may not be true is only adding to the stress of overcoming the challenge.

Forget everything that can go wrong and everything that may not happen. Step in one foot at a time and before you know it you’ll be on the other side.

“Being on the edge is always worse than going through,”


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