About the Book

The Battle for Guiniloupay, a story of a clan of penguins and guinea pigs who risk everything to keep their home and freedom, takes place in the fantasy world of Guiniloupay during the Middle Ages.
The Battle for Guiniloupay cover by Joseph Brown
Long ago, the guinea pig race lived together in a city on the coast. But when a storm came from the sea, that way of life ended. Now a nomadic culture, they’ve become experts at finding the best places to live, gather, and thrive. They follow their curiosity to find new lands each season, and those wandering bring them to an area of rich farmland too enticing to ever leave. They call it Guiniloupay.A few years after they build their new settlement, strangers–a band of penguins from the east–come to their fields with dire news. The penguins have been driven from their home and need help and refuge. Fearing the worst, the guinea pigs form an alliance with the penguins, naming their leader, King Penjay, ruler of Guiniloupay.

Soon after the alliance is formed between the two races, a new era of prosperity begins. Guiniloupay starts to expand and word soon spreads. It is only a matter of time before the good news of their success inspires jealousy and fear in others, including the warlike Mouse Empire in the West. Emperor Bandit calls for the immediate destruction of Guiniloupay, sending five thousand of his most vicious mouse knights to attack the penguins and guinea pigs.

For two years, the enslaved residents of Guiniloupay labor to rebuild their former home to suit the whims of their new emperor. But the time is coming soon when they will rise up to defend their home and way of life.


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